The Neglected Foods of America Foundation — using satire to call out America's food problem

Senior Capstone Project

Concept & Content Creation

Creative Team
Garet Camella

Food Talks — Senior Capstone

In a country that is already over-saturated with food advice, what is the best way to educate people about important, yet commonly-unrealized, food issues? My approach was to avoid tooting the nutrition fact horn, and to instead change perspectives via an engaging and unique tone: satire.

My solution involved creating a satirical organization called the Neglected Foods of America Foundation, whose purpose is to provide a voice to wholesome foods that most Americans overlook or neglect. In a 2-part video series, the NFAF interviews a pomegranate and a potato about their food industry woes.

Eat the Food,
Not the Fad.

While the Neglected Foods of America Foundation is satirical, it was important to maintain an aesthetic similar to existing non-profits and food-focused organizations. In order to communicate the serious intent (thesis) of my project, even this made-up organization required a degree of credibility, believability, and familiarity.