Re-imagining the Best Western online booking process — there's an app for that.

Best Western International

UX + App Design

Creative Team
Fine Citizens, LLC.

A Whole New Experience

Not only was the new Best Western app a new experience for customers, but actually designing such a robust app was a new experience for me. I joined the team at Fine Citizens (Columbus, OH) during the UX + wireframing process. A ton of research and strategy work had already been done, and we completed a number of design sprints before handing off to Best Western's development partner.

In a nutshell, the app is a complete 180 for Best Western International, which didn't have a legit booking experience for their customers on tablet or smartphone. Given the size and diversity of BWI's audience, we needed to create an experience that worked for everyone. We designed the booking experience for responsive-web and also built unique versions for native iOS and native Android — yep, that's 3 different designs.

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Video Showcase

Below is the sizzle reel that Fine Citiznes created in collaboration with Space Junk Media (also Columbus, OH) to showcase the new Best Western App. I had the privelage of conceptualizing and storyboarding the video, working alongside our copywriter and Space Junk's talented creative + production teams.

The Same, But Different

Though design details differ from device to device, each booking experience shares the same journey — There are three different viewing options when booking a room. Users have the option to compare rooms + deals. There's a new tool for checking out nearby attractions. And customers now have access to the BWI loyalty + rewards membership.

The BWI project went on to include designs for desktop web, as well. The app is now available for iOS and Android.